Bernie Sanders and Cardi B Talk Joe Biden, Donald Trump in Instagram Live Interview

The Bronx MC previously endorsed Sanders in 2016.

Last week, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced he was suspending his presidential campaign. On Tuesday, he announced his endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden. Later in the evening, he joined one of his biggest fans for an Instagram Live Q&A session.

Cardi B happily welcomed Sanders via Instagram after teasing viewers with talks of a special guest. “Uncle Bernie!” she exclaimed, “how you doing?”

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The two exchanged small talk before Cardi expressed her disappointment in Sanders dropping out. “I had a fit because I was so hurt and upset that you dropped out of the race,” she said. “I keep telling my people and my supporters that you guys really need to go and vote. Now we’re between 45, we ain’t going to name him over here, and Joe Biden.”

Sanders responded that he always intended to endorse the eventual Democratic nominee. He continued to say he wants Biden to push for a $15 minimum wage and cancellation of student loan debt.

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“I would go further in all of these areas than he goes,” he said, “but he is moving in the right direction. He’s moving in the right direction on immigration reform, and I think you’ll be pleased with what he has to say. I think you’ll be hearing him make some pretty strong statements on criminal justice reform.”

Watch the full video above.

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