New Album: KRS-One ‘Between Da Protests’

Fists in the air. In the midst of these uncertain times, KRS-One sounds off on his twenty-seventh studio album, Between Da Protests. Clocking at 13 tracks in total, the Bronx veteran MC touches on racial inequality, police brutality, corrupted politics, and Black excellence. Kris Parker rallies with his troops on “Black Black Black” and kicks … Read moreNew Album: KRS-One ‘Between Da Protests’

New Video: KRS-One “Black Black Black”

The Teacha speaks. KRS-One preaches “Black Black Black” in the latest video off his 23rd album, Between Da Protests dropping December 21. Lit up in bright red lights, the legendary Kris Parker rings off on the current state affairs while iconic Black historic images displays. The powerful clip ends with a tribute to the late … Read moreNew Video: KRS-One “Black Black Black”

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