Video: Problem, Snoop Dogg “Dim My Light”

Problem’s hiring in his new video featuring Snoop Dogg. Problem ends his four-part visual series with “Dim My Light” video co-starring Snoop Dogg. As a follow-up to his “Standing Ovation“, “Just Outside (Remix)“, and “Lionel Richy“, Problem takes it to the office where he conducts an interview with his clone. They converse over smoke, malt … Read moreVideo: Problem, Snoop Dogg “Dim My Light”

Video: Problem Ft. Spoon “Just Outside (Remix)”

Problem’s out and about in his new video with Spoon. Coming off the release of his Smoke Break EP this week, Problem releases the video to one of the project’s four tracks. In it, the Compton rapper vents on his environment during a light jog through his stomping grounds. He comes across his clone, his … Read moreVideo: Problem Ft. Spoon “Just Outside (Remix)”

Problem Ft. Wiz Khalifa “4 The Low”

Newsflash. Problem’s got the good stuff “4 The Low” on his new collaboration featuring Wiz Khalifa. Produced by himself, Vangogh, Mike & Keys, Kay Franklin, and mastered by MixedByAli, Problem and Wiz shed light on the benefits of marijuana, its legalization, and recognized the minority-owned cannabis companies. Along with the single, the Mike Marasco-directed clip … Read moreProblem Ft. Wiz Khalifa “4 The Low”

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