#EverybodyHatesMolly: Pettiest Reactions To ‘Insecure’s’ Upcoming Baecation Episode Starring Molly The Mollyer

Season 4 of “Insecure” will be remembered as the moment when everybody starting hating Molly who evolved into the show’s thoroughly unlikable villain during her toxic BFF breakup with Issa that changed their entire friend group dynamic.

Yeaaa we don’t know why there’s a baecation episode focused on Molly and Andrew’s trip to Mexico at this point in the season when we’re ALL waiting for her to address what happened at Issa’s block party but we trust the writers to make it make sense.

And yes, we’re pretty sure things will go left between Molly and Andrew in the soon-to-be trending episode that already has the anti-Molly Hive in a frenzy.

Peep the pettiest reactions to ‘Insecure’s’ upcoming Molly episode on the flip.

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