Cassidy “Plagiarism”

The saga continues… Cassidy brings more smoke to Tory Lanez with his latest diss record “Plagiarism”. Clocking over 7 minutes, the Philly lyricist returns fire with an abundance of bars claiming the Toronto rapper’s reusing lyrics and jacking flows. The track continues the two’s ongoing beef including Tory’s recent freestyle, his response to Cassidy’s “Perjury“. … Read moreCassidy “Plagiarism”

Cassidy “Perjury”

Cassidy pops off on Tory Lanez with his diss record, “Perjury”. The record stems from Tory Lanez’ recent Flex freestyle over his “I’m A Hustla”. Although it may seem innocent and a way of paying homage, Cas took it as disrespect, offended, and that his flow and style was disrespectful mimicked.

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