Spillage Village Ft. Deante Hitchcock, Hollywood JB, IDK, Erick The Architect, Zombie Juice “Baptized (Remix)”

Remix! Spillage Village regroups for an all-out remix to their “Baptize”. Keeping Johnny Venus’ hook intact, the posse cut now includes new verses from Deante’ Hitchcock, IDK, IDK, and Flatbush Zombie members Erick The Architect and Zombie Juice. The original is off last year’s Spilligion album by the Dreamville collection Spillage Village, which consists of … Read moreSpillage Village Ft. Deante Hitchcock, Hollywood JB, IDK, Erick The Architect, Zombie Juice “Baptized (Remix)”

Deante’ Hitchcock “Beatbox (Freestyle)”

After bringing back his New Atlanta Tuesday freestyle series last week with “Let The Beat Build“, Deante’ Hitchcock gives his take of the June Bug Challenge with his latest drop. Utilizing SpotemGotEm’s hit, Deante’ brings his horny raps while doing the viral dance. He hits a few dates, gets busy in the bedroom, and lounges … Read moreDeante’ Hitchcock “Beatbox (Freestyle)”

Deante’ Hitchcock “Let The Beat Build (Freestyle)”

New Atlanta Tuesdays back. Deante’ Hitchcock revives his New Atlanta Tuesday music series and is a one band man in the video. Utilizing Lil Wayne’s classic, Deante’ showcases his mic skills over the Deezle and Kanye beat. From The Shack BBQ & Seafood spot to the studio, the BETTER MC hits the drums, the keyboards, … Read moreDeante’ Hitchcock “Let The Beat Build (Freestyle)”

New Album: Deante Hitchcock ‘BETTER (Deluxe)’

Even BETTER. All things are BETTER with a deluxe. So as promised, Deante Hitchcock re-ups his debut LP with the BETTER (Deluxe). Now with an additional 10 tracks, the revamped version includes the previous releases “Deja Vu” and “Text Me” along with newcomers Guapdad 4000, Ro James, REASON, and more. The L.A. rapper released the … Read moreNew Album: Deante Hitchcock ‘BETTER (Deluxe)’

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