Husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Aims Gun at Black Lives Matter Protesters Outside Home

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Media members filmed Lacey telling supporters to vacate the premises.

On the day before California Democratic primaries, one local politician is facing a substantial backlash. On Monday morning, Black Lives Matter protesters marched to the house of Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey. Lacey’s husband David answered the door wielding a handgun. Video of the incident went viral on social media shortly afterward.

“Get off of my porch,” Lacey says in the video, “I will shoot you.”

The group marched to the house after Lacey allegedly failed to meet with Black Lives Matter. One of the protesters asks if Lacey can tell his wife that protesters have arrived. He lowers the gun, yet continues to dismiss them.

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“I don’t care who you are,” he continued, “get off of my porch.” Lacey indicated that he would be calling the police. Authorities made no arrests in conjunction with the incident, but tell Los Angeles’ ABC-7 that the investigation is ongoing.

Lacey has served two terms as Los Angeles’ chief prosecutor. Opponents have cited the racial disparity in county jails, high incarceration rates, and her position on the death penalty. As a result, Black Lives Matter LA has protested outside Lacey’s office weekly for the past two years.

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In March 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to temporarily ban the punishment in the state. However, during Lacey’s tenure, her office has secured death sentences for 22 defendants. 13 of these defendants were Latino, eight were African-American, and one was Asian-American. In fact, Los Angeles County has passed down more death sentences per capita in the last five years than 53 out of the state’s 58 counties. In 2019, Los Angeles County was one of only four counties nationwide with more than one death sentence.

California’s Democratic primary begins Tuesday, March 3.



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